We had a blast at Studio 301 last weekend! The staff was so awesome! All of the bands were individually worth the cover charge! Especially great to directly connect with a few of them that we will play with again. We hope more and more people realize what a special thing this is not only for Portage, but the Madison area overall!

Speaking of the Madison area…

For the past 9 years, we've mostly quietly submitted nominations to the Madison Area Music Awards . It's nice to have our hat thrown in the ring, even if winning an award doesn't mean much in terms of our artistic motivations. We also made those submissions mostly in the performer categories because we didn't have any new music to release.

With the birth of our debut full-length album this year, we're choosing to be louder about these awards. If you choose to vote (and even better donate to and learn about the organization), consider nominating us along with your other favorite locals to the finalist round. As we try to start breaking into Chicago venues and airwaves, we'd certainly benefit from making it to that next round in any of the 6 or 7 categories you'll find our name in. https://www.broadjam.com/mama/


Thank you to everyone who has given Moon Will Rise a listen over the last 6 weeks! We've had our best streaming results yet, and purchases of the album off of Bandcamp are beyond expectations. 

Yesterday we released our video for Bon Voyage. Today, we're finalizing album cover t-shirts which will be available at shows AND online next month. And we're gearing up for our next show at Studio 301 in Portage, WI on May 11th!



After great shows to close out last year at The Wisco and VFW on Cottage Grove Rd, we went back into hibernation to finish working on Moon Will Rise. Well… we are happy to announce that we'll be releasing it in 10 short days on 2/29/24! If you have the chance to release something on LEAP DAY, you've gotta do it, right? At that time, the album will be available on all streaming services and bandcamp, we'll update our site designs with new artwork, and shortly thereafter announce the release date of the album on vinyl (Fall 2024). 



Well it sure has been a while since we've made a peep on this website! It looks like regular updates are going to be a lot more warranted as we see the light at the end of the release tunnel after resuming mixing on our debut full-length album this summer. It sounds… well… like us! Captured mostly from a live performance with much of the vocals done later, these mixes are really showcasing our energy authentically. Stay tuned for more news soon, including a release show announcement. For now, make your plans to catch us September 16th in Madison at Dark Star Art Bar. We aren't anticipating the show to quite reach capacity, but the last time we played there, we did come close. If you'd like to guarantee yourself a spot or have the convenience of paying by credit card (fees are less than $2 per ticket), head over to this link


Big Show coming up tomorrow night at BarleyPop Live! Show starts at 8:30 and we're excited to see what the old Frequency looks like now. Come hang with us and say that you were at The Blisser's first show and the Madison return of Chaos Revolution Theory as well! We've got one more show on the books this year and then we are back into the the studio to continue recording work on our debut full-length album!



Workface is now available on streaming services worldwide and you also can download it from us on bandcamp. We're asking folks to support our future recording efforts by paying at least $1 to download the track here. When you do so, you'll gain access to four bonus songs recorded live at High Noon Saloon on 3/21/18. We're so excited that this day has finally come. Wash off that workface and check out our new song!


Hey it's our first check in since our show at the High Noon Saloon on 10/05 and our 8/31 show a Nottingham Coop. The latter was considered an excellent performance which drove us to work even harder going into the High Noon Show. We are incredibly grateful for all of our fans, friends, and family for being a part of one of the largest crowds we've had at that place. Again, the feedback is that we just keep getting better and better.

Now, we pivot to our return to Crystal Corner on Saturday 11/3 and the release of our first new single in over 3 years coming up this Friday. We'll be on The Jimmy K Show on WSUM 91.7FM at 8PM CST on Wednesday 10/24. This will be the first chance anyone has to hear our recording of "Workface." The Crystal show could be our last one for 2018. Hope you can make it!


Coming off of our high energy show in July with Laurel and the Love-In, Karen Wheelock, and Chloe Louise, we've decided to change up our show strategy for a while and play new places we've been wanting to play. Enter Nottingham Cooperative. Friday August 31st is going to be a wild one! We're also going into Warm Glow Studios to finish up our single recording of "Workface." If all goes well, you'll be hearing it before the end of the month. Our first release of any kind in over three years!!! We're excited to release it and start working on a larger group of songs to be released in 2019. Lots of good things on the horizon for Sky Urchin!


We had a lot of fun at The Wisco last night! It was really cool seeing both Ariias and In the Attic live. Unique songs and psyched sounds from both groups and you gotta check them out next time either of them roll through town. Go like their pages and stay in the loop.

Our next show brings us to Brinklounge Madison for the first time on Tuesday, July 17th. Absolutely mesmerizing, Laurel & the Love-In(Nashville) is a group we can't wait to experience in person. Beyond stoked to share the bill with Karen Wheelock and Chloe Louise! This will be a special night!


The Wisco is becoming a second home for us and for sure the venue we've played the most. In fact, you can catch us there again on 6/17 with two killer bands from Iowa. Thanks to the staff/friends there who always give us a great experience. And full honors to Fair City Fire for bringing their intensity on tour! It has been a great stormy night on Willy Street!


Wow, what an amazing turnout last night at Art In! Thank you to everyone that came out! We are very impressed with the efforts White Bush Unicorn put into making this night special, fun, and most importantly, inclusive. We experienced a great opening set by Treejasons and all of the performers Baby Bear brought to the stage were incredible!

Make sure you get out to one of their residency shows on the third Saturday every month! There's nothing else like it!

If you missed us last night, you won't have to wait long for another shot. Up next, we welcome Fair City Fire from Austin, TX to The Wisco for a unique two band bill. We kick things off at 9pm on Wednesday, May 2nd.

PS: If anyone has any sweet pics from last night, especially involving the guitar battles with the smiley face balloon, let us know!

Thank you for choosing Sky Urchin.


Our song "Speed Queen" is one of four finalists for Hard Rock/Punk Song of The Year for 2018's Madison Area Music Association Awards! Thank you to everyone that voted for us!

If you'd still like to support us by voting and donating $5 to help with music programs for kids, you can register here: http://www.broadjam.com/mama/index.php

We'll for sure be busting this one out at our extravaganza on 4/21 at White Bush Unicorn Presents: Kush It Real Good!

Following that show, you won't want to miss us at The Wisco on 5/2 with Fair City Fire from Austin, Texas. It's just the two of us that night so you can efficiently get your faces melted in a reasonable amount of time!


Thank you to all who came out to the High Noon on Wednesday and made it feel like a Friday night! Our Friends the Savages put on a great show, and the staff and sound were superb as usual!

We took some video and audio recordings and will find some to release over the next few weeks. Next up, we play White Bush Unicorn's residency show at Art In on Saturday April 21st. This will be a special experience that we will not plan on recording. Be there or be a rhombust.

We may have a new song to share, but we're also focusing on making recording plans to capture a few of our newer songs while they're truly on fire. Hope to see you out in the audience this Spring!


Wow! We had a blast at The Wisco! Thanks to Elliott and Jimmy for doing an excellent job with the sound! We had some people tell us that they enjoyed some aspects of the sound even better than our show at the High Noon! Pretty sweet to hear that! Also, the power there has been cleaned up and better grounded so no more shocky-shocky for us!

Mariner strolled into town and played a wicked set! Their drummer is a lot like David and was really fun to watch. COASTING was a great end to the night and both bands had great shirts available..... Hmmm..... We think it's about time we get to work on the first official Sky Urchin design. We'll keep you posted on that!

Next up, A 5:30pm set at our Happy Hour Show with Our Friends, The Savages back at High Noon Saloon on Wednesday March 21st!


Thanks again to everyone who came out to see us last week at The High Noon! We had a blast and feel like a new bar was set for ourselves with a performance we feel really good about. We're playing Madison twice in March. One's a late show at The Wisco (3/7), and the other is a much earlier Happy Hour show back at High Noon Saloon (3/21). We're working on 3 brand new songs all at once so there's definitely reason to catch both of these shows if you can! More details soon!


Hey hey! We've been hard at work and have new material for our next headlining show on Thursday February 1st at High Noon Saloon! We'll be playing alongside Winning Ugly, The Rotten Tommys, and The Slurs (from MKE). Show starts nice and early at 7pm. $5!


We were supposed to play a show last night at Mr. Robert's with Ghost Socket and Texas Bubblegum Machine, but unfortunately, the venue was double booked. Bummer! 

We found out about this in advance. All is good. We've just switched gears back to writing. We're going to take as much of the winter off as possible from playing shows, but if something cool gets thrown our way, we'll be there. 

In the meantime, we'll be slowly releasing more videos from our October show at The Frequency, eventually uploading our set in its entirety!


We are so excited to announce our first show at The Frequency and our first 18+ show in quite a while! We're opening for nationally-renowned San Francisco rockers The Stone Foxes! Joining us are The Racing Pulses and hopefully you! We'll be taking video again- this time with access to much better sound. This is a big opportunity for us to "show 'em what we got" so we'd love to have you join us on October 24th. Doors at 7pm. We're on at 8!

We kept our word and unveiled two new songs at our show on August 3rd. It was a great set all-in-all and we filmed it! Between video issues and sound issues, we are only going to release a few songs, but we are now encouraged to film every set we can and share recordings when we can highlight ourselves at our most awesome levels. No shows on the books yet, but we anticipate playing once or twice before the year is over. We'll also release more videos over the coming weeks. The first one coming up later today is a double header: Empty Room -> Bon Voyage (brand new)


We had a great time raising over $300 for local suicide prevention at Art In last weekend, and we'll be back there on August 3rd! Probably no shows between now and then so we'll keep working on new songs. Expect another one or two for the show in August!


Getting really excited for this Sunday's show! We are playing ANOTHER NEW SONG for this special show that benefits local suicide prevention. So happy to celebrate Jeff's birthday with his bands Clean Room and Darker N' Darker! We also get to play with Rockford's psychedelic White Shape. Show at 6:30pm. 1444 East Washington St. in Madison. $3 sug. donation.  Come hang out and hear what's new!


Tonight's the night we headline The Wisco with Glassmen and The Passes! We're playing TWO NEW SONGS and trying out a new flow to the set which is more fluid and avoids silence between songs. We're really excited to play! Hope to see you there!


Although we did not win WSUM's Battle of the Bands, we certainly didn't lose.

We feel awesome about what the three panelists said after we played. We came across the way we wanted to and played as well as we possibly could considering the conditions. We're proud of our performance, and if a link to an archive of it becomes available, we'll be sure to share it!

Everyone at WSUM was super nice, fun, and professional. We'd like to thank them as well as the three panelists for their time. Baudelaire Fire played great and shared their drum kit to help make the experience smoother for both of us. It was great to meet them and we'd love to play together sometime.

Congrats to Laundry: The Band for taking the top spot! It was really fun to be in this competition with all of the bands and getting as far as we did was motivating so we need to THANK ALL OF YOU THAT VOTED!

We appreciate everyone's support so much! We're working on new songs for our next show on 3/25 at The Wisco w/ Glassmen and The Passes (Iowa). More details on that soon.


Hey everyone!  We're in an awesome battle of the bands that is being put on by WSUM 91.7FM out of the UW.  Top 3 bands as ranked by this online poll get to compete live on the air on February 17th.   WELL... we are in third place right now and voting ends on Monday, February 6th so if you haven't voted yet, please do!!! It literally takes 5 seconds, and does not require any information from you.  CLICK HERE TO VOTE


It's been a while! We had a blast playing shows in October, November (x2), and December!  We still don't have a practice space and we squeeze in a single practice before shows with no other time to work on new material and ideas.  The result has been absolutely electrifying performances and then weeks of silence, including a lack of attention to this website and updating it when we do actually have some news to share.  

This will change in 2017.  We will have a practice space as early as next month, and we're excited to share new material including songs in their early stages of development as soon as we have a space.  In the meantime, we're back at it in Madison on January 27th at Mickey's Tavern where we had a blast in early November.  It's Tim Consequence's 4th Annual Winter Wasteland and we're with The Vipers, The Smells, and The Seeking Machines.  It's gonna be a rager, and it's FREE!  We wish you all a wonderful New Year and are excited to kick things up a notch!


We're playing the Crystal Corner tonight with special guest drummer,  Tone Robarge, who played with Ryan in Phil Kegley Band.  Dave will be back in action with us for our November shows and beyond.  Come hear our best songs in a new way!  With Winning Ugly and Peel A Peel! 10pm.


We had a great time at The Wisco this last Saturday with new friends The Kelsey Miles Band and our good ol' pals The Begowatts.  This was the first time Sky Urchin has played as just Robert and Ryan.   David had already been booked for the night, but we wanted to play this date anyways.  Everybody seemed to really dig it which is awesome, but we won't likely perform this way more than a couple times a year.  We definitely prefer playing as a trio.

Our next show is Art Fair on the Square on July 10th, and we are working on another July/August club date.  From there, we'll be back at Crystal Corner on September 10th.  We're hoping to take some time this summer to write some new tunes and begin some recording by the end of the year.  


We're gearing up to play The Wisco again this Friday.  Welcomed by Winning Ugly, we'll join them and Begowatts for a night of punk rock and roll with a bit of psychedelia!  We're excited to meet these guys and hang out with all of you!  9pm.  I think we start.  Come for the whole things anyways. This is gonna be a good one!


Let me bring you up to speed.  Shortly after the last post, Robert decided to move Seattle at the end of July.  We played a farewell show on July 23rd at High Noon Saloon.  We've got video from that show and will post some clips in the near future. 

Seattle didn't work out and Robert moved back in November of last year and is getting resettled in Madison.  Sky Urchin has no practice space, but we are still booking shows and planning on doing more writing in 2016.  We've already hit Mr. Robert's last month, the Wisco last week, and we'll be returning to The Wisco on March 4th.

Lots more content coming soon!  Thanks for your interest!


For a long list of reasons, we've needed to take it slow for the last few months.


We made a scrappy music video for "The Majestic" and we'll be debuting 3 new songs tomorrow at Wurst Times V in Madison.  Hope to see you there!


The 1/24 EP Release Show at Crystal Corner is coming up fast!  The artwork for the EP is done and the CDs are being made.  Soon you will be able to order one from this site if you're not able to come out the gig.

We're debuting the rest of the songs on The Jimmy K Show this Tuesday night.  Listen in from 7pm-10pm CST here: www.maxinkradio.com


We've got some cool things in the works! 

-We'll be touching up a live recording from the last Mr. Robert's show and will upload it soon.

-We're debuting our first single "Debt Innate" at 9:30pm CST on 89.9 WORT FM.  Ted Offensive will interview us afterwards.

-The EP is done and sounds amazing, but the only way you can get it until mid-January is to donate to our gofundme campaign: http://www.gofundme.com/hc9xqw

-We just booked a return to Mr. Robert's!  We're playing 10-10:45pm on New Year's Eve!


Hey!  Our new EP will be out in just two weeks!  We're recording 12/13 and 12/14 at Rock Garden in Appleton, and we'll release the EP the folllowing day!  Help us pay for the recording session and tape by pre-ordering your copy through our gofundme campaign: http://www.gofundme.com/hc9xqw

Things are all set for us to rock Mr. Robert's tomorrow night (Weds. Dec. 3) so we hope to see you there!


We'd like to announce that we have laid the foundation for our first EP entitled "Now Is No Time!"
We will be recording the instruments live to 2" tape at Rock Garden in Appleton, WI in mid-December.  

The plan is to record everything in one day and then mix it the following day.  There will be "No Time" for us to second guess our gut reactions which we hope will result in a recording that feels intensively alive, raw, and totally rock n' roll!

The plan is to do five songs, but maybe we end up with 4, or 2, or just one, or a 15 minute jam track because we changed our minds on everything at the last minute!  Who knows?  We don't.  And we want to embrace that experience and capture whatever is going on with us during those two days.

This is an expensive endeavor and we are looking into how we can get some help whether we do a kickstarter campaign or a simple album pre-order.  

No matter what happens, we are certain that this record will knock you on your ass!  Thank you so much for your support considering most of you haven't even heard the band yet.  Now it's on us to return the love by brewing up a cauldron of high energy rock!  Love!


We had a blast at Freakfest, and the response to our set is just what we were hoping for.  Lots of folks stopped to check us out for a while, and we saw the cameras flashing quite a bit.  We'll get any photos up if we can track them down.  Greatdome.net carried a live stream of the set which was literally a last minute opportunity, but we will work with them again and give you advanced notice if we stream another show.  The next one on the books is at Mr. Robert's, a very familiar hang for all three of us.  Until then, we'll be working on more new material and we'll continue to formulate our plan to record our first EP which will be centered around the song, "Debt Innate."  Keep rockin' y'all!!!


Just two weeks until Freakfest!!!  We are super excited to share new music with you!  We also just booked Madison shows for December and January.  AND we're starting to think about how we want to record our first EP this winter.  In a perfect world, we'd have a new release ready by early January.  The easiest way to stay tuned in is to add your email address to our mailing list.  We will be sending out a newsletter with special content and information no more than once a month (probably a lot less for a while).  Sign up and stay informed!

Join our mailing list for the latest news

Previous events

Max Ink Radio Presents... Sky Urchin The Vipers Peacemaker

Saturday September 16 at Dark Star Art Bar - 756 East Washington Ave.

Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm End time: ~12:30

$8, 21+

Bio/More Info:

Sky Urchin

Chicago/Madison Alt-Rock Trio. Imagine an 80 year old Hendrix missing a fretting finger filling in for Thurston Moore as Sonic Youth reunites to play new, awesome, original tunes for old-school Smashing Pumpkins fans with a drummer heavily influenced by hip-hop and a paint-drenched bass player using the evening as a giant canvas that won’t ever be the same twice.

The Vipers

Mainstays of Madison's Alt/Punk Underground. Don't miss them in rare trio form!


A melodic rock and roll band 3 years in the making from the previous frontman of I am Dragon. Heavy yet catchy guitar riffs, accompanied by powerful vocals create a sound that harkens back to late ‘70s powerhouses such as Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top, and Black Sabbath, with a dash of punk rock aftertaste.

$8 cover. Less than $2 fee per ticket for advanced credit card sales.

Sky Urchin at Dark Horse Art Bar

 —  —

Join Sky Urchin for their first club show in 3 years featuring The Vipers and Haunt Smiley. It's Robert's birthday celebration as well. Let's party! 21+ $7 to support your local bands 8pm doors 9pm start 756 E Wash