1. Debt Innate

From the recording Now Is No Time

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Debt Innate

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I've got news for you
Right off the bat you should know
Sage and slugger are shooting for skull
They've got a noose for you
If you keep shutting out
The ones who didn't pay to get through

Because no matter how much we keep on saving
We spend it all
No matter how hard we dig our nails in
Over the cliff we fall

My heart is drumming true
It's a worldwide beat that beats back
Bull-shiv bullies and blows up the crew
This just in: Breaking news
In case you haven't met my friend, Rust
Let me introduce them to you

Because no matter how you feel about voting
They're all the same
No matter how long he laid dead in the streets
Just his injustice remains
No matter how deep we keep digging this hole
There's more to go
I'll save you a foothold