1. The Majestic

From the recording Now Is No Time

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The Majestic

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I'm dry ink
I'm needing a drink
Every workday I walk
Thirty-four blocks
No matter the weather
Family forever
Reaching out

And I wonder what they'd say
Could this theatre be a gravesite?
Who will write the song?
It could be so long to wait

I'm a flyer
Crucified to the kiosk
Calling you in and
Bring me your sin and
We'll mix it in
Before they tear us down

There's a theatre we have to play
A majestic view can be seen from the stage
There has to be a song
Doesn't have to be that long
I think that this is the one
Couldn't be done any other way

I'm right now and
Now is no time and
The engine is primed and
The passion is dimed
I gotta play
I gotta play far
We gotta play